I want to create a workout place where women can be authentic, grow together and support each other. The goal I want to achieve is to take care of our physical and mental condition as well as create a deep feeling of self-confidence and inner strength. Exercising to me means growing physically, mentally and spiritually. My concept consists of a soft & mindful muscle-sculpting-technique, where we are completely with ourselves -with which we achieve extraordinary results both on the physical & mental level, which influence our entire life. I want YOU to find your inner magic so that YOU can shine as bright as possible.

Each Workout Session includes only natural, soft & flowing movements that are adapted to your body and its receptivity to develop. These movements build your muscles in a mindful & natural way and avoid overloading. In this way you supply your muscles with energy, which empowers, vitalizes and shapes them in a targeted way. Of course, we really push ourselves during the workouts, but always pay attention to a balanced energy management.

My Concept is designed to work the full body for lean, toned and feminine muscles and includes three levels: Starter, Advanced & Professional. Because our bodies are incredibly intelligent and adaptable, I design weekly new workout classes for every level, which you can stream in your premium online studio anywhere and anytime. Soon you will be able to visit your workout classes live in my studio.

To get positive energy and burn a lot of extra calories, you find special dance sessions in your online studio, which you can flexibly integrate into your workout routine.

I wish that you find yourself and reconnect with your inner strength when you embark on your personal wellness journey with me, to feel connected & full of confidence in your body.


My concept starts with my personal journey to find a workout routine, which helps me to come into balance physically as well as mentally. However, I have always been very sensitive on both levels, I did not find anything that suits me. I felt frustrated, lost and disoriented – which is why I know exactly how it feels not to value my own body and not to feel in harmony both physically and mentally.

Since I have always been a dancer and had a good body awareness, I started to create my own workout based on dancer safe flows and translated the natural movements of the body into my own “workout language”. Through this, after years of practice, refinement and self-testing, I understood how the body changes through different movements and what influence they have on the shape of the body. Thus, I developed my own soft and mindful Muscle Design Technique that balances us on a physical, mental and spiritual level.

My mission has always been to create a place where people feel comfortable and secure and where they are not afraid to show themselves. That’s why this concept is very close to my heart – to create the connection between inspiring & motivating workout sessions and a place full of love & authenticity.


Following a process constantly is key to achieving your goals. For this your motivation is essential. Therefore a workout should be equal parts fun and effective. Physical and mental fitness is an opportunity to celebrate our bodies and enjoy our life. My workout classes are suitable for everyone, wherever you are on your fitness journey. I want you to feel connected, fit and energized. I believe in a connection between body, mind and soul and only if all areas are trained, we enable a balanced life. My fitness concept designs a slim, toned and feminine body and provides a balanced, relaxed and aware mind.